PHP version switch 7 to 7.2 -> Site temporarily unavailable

C### Summary
site temporarily unavailable when I switch from PHP 7 to 7.2 or 7.3

Step to reproduce

Change PHP version in ISPconfig
Cache refresh
url reload (site and manager)

Observed behavior

“Site temporarily unavailable” page

Expected behavior

Working MODX installation with the new PHP version


MODX 2.7.2
PHP Version 7.0.33-12 PHP-FMP : OK
PHP Version 7.2 and 7.3 PHP-FMP : “site temporarily unavailable”

Should we reinstall or update after a php version change?

The core of 2.7.2 should have no issues with php 7.2

Did you give it a minute?
My server goes into ‘site unavailable’ for about 30seconds or so when I do the switch, but then it’s fine.

Maybe just run the setup again?

This might depend on what extras you have installed, but I would say that the right version to stick with is php 7.2
I have several Modx sites running on 7.2 with zero issues. Never tried with 7.3 tbh

Finally I suspect missing PHP extensions. I’ll check next.

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