Permission issue for resource browser


Having trouble getting the resource browser to display on the resource/create page in mgr.


I have a resource specific group setup using the “editor” level access using the existing (otherwise unused) content editor policy (modified slightly to increase permissions). I’ve included a couple screenshots to help at the bottom.

Observed behaviour

Getting “access denied” on the below request when loading the MODX Resource Browser on resource/create. It does work on media/browser page.

Request URL: /connectors/modx.config.js.php?action=browser&wctx=web
Referer: /manager/index.php?a=browser&source=25&ctx=web

The user is in fact limited to default media source with the value 25.


Using Revolution 2.8.2-pl


Second image:

That’s a 2.8.2 issue fixed in the upcoming 2.8.3 affecting the media browser when opened by rich text editors such as TinyMCE.

You can apply the fix manually, update to the 2.8.3 nightly that was released to help with testing, or wait another week or so for 2.8.3 to be formally released.

Thank you @markh! Does this apply to both the issue in image one and the issue I describe with the blank page or just one of them?

That’s about the blank page when opening the browser from a rich text editor, caused by the modx.config.js being called without authentication token.

The other with the media browser not showing files seems to be the browser being opened to media source 1 rather than the one the user has access to. That could be your field configuration in ContentBlocks or a system/context setting pointing to the wrong source.