Pdoresources where createdon syntax help

hello, I am trying to limit the results i get with pdoresources, Im trying to limit the results by the created on date

here is my syntax

&where=`{"createdon:=":"' . $dateFrom . '"}`

but it does not work, I am guessing because the createdon result is not the same as the date i get from the form which is yy/mm/dd

how do I format my where clause to make this work? does anyone know?

also how do I limit by tag on an article? is that possible?

i would appreciate any help

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I should mention I am using the articles extra

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&where=`{"createdon:=>":"' . $dateFrom . '"}`

or this if $dataFrom is not a Unix timestamp:

&where=`{"createdon:=>":"' . strtotime($dateFrom) . '"}`

many thanks, works great

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I’m glad it worked. Thanks for reporting back. :slight_smile:

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