pdoMenu returning "stringified" object instead of HTML

Modx newbie working on an initial site using Modx 3.0.0-beta. Installed pdoTools 2.13.2-pl with no issues. However, when adding the basic [[pdoMenu]] snippet with no properties, it returns a string containing what looks like a print_r dump of an object

Array ( [id] => 1 [type] => document [pagetitle] => Home [longtitle] => Congratulations! [description] => [alias] => index [link_attributes] => …” (it was thousands of chars, and the last entries in the object seemed to be the generated HTML for the menus as part of the object)

instead of any displayable HTML. I got this behavior (ie the same object string returned) no matter what properties I added. I added some debugging statements to the pdoMenu snippet, and this string is being returned by the call

$output = $pdoMenu->templateTree($tree);

Any ideas? I couldn’t find anything saying pdoMenu wasn’t supported in Modx 3.0.0-beta, and given the popularity of pdoMenu, I would have expected other reports if it didn’t work in the beta.

FWIW, I also downloaded WayFinder, and the [[wayfinder]] snippet returned exactly what was expected.

Hi @winterLew, i think we face the same problem, still having no specific answer and you?

Have you tried the complete snippet? Something like:



Have traced in pdoMenu.class.php down through call to templateTree, which calls templateBranch – and the value is null until it calls $pdoTools->getChunk in the return statement. Haven’t traced past that point yet.

Have tried dozens of variants of properties – consistently same incorrect result.

This may be resolved with a pdoTools update – I just happened to notice in the Nov 24th MODX Insider Weekly Recap email highlighting Modx 3.0.x beta, the following “Additionally, there was a report from the community that [pdoTools] is gaining MODX 3 support in the next week!”

Apparently my assumption that pdoTools was already supported in MODX 3 was incorrect. Here’s hoping the update addresses this issue.

As speculated, this problem is resolved by pdoTools 3.0.0-beta released Dec 7.