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Pdomenu help with snippet call

Hi !
I love modx but my knowhow with setting up pdomenu for my dropdown menu is limited. I would be thankful with help on this.

What is the snippet call for this below?
Do I need to have chunks, or is it enough to include in the call?
Thank you :slight_smile:
I used
Here is my web: https://drö
I want it to look like this below.
Website I bought.

I think that

    is the problem. I do not know how pdomenu get this information.
    Thank you

I think this line might be the problem. I do not know how to get pdomenu to include this id below
<ul id="mainnav" class="sf-menu">

You can customize pretty much anything in pdoMenu, take a look at the docs for more details :wink:
In your case you probably want to add this to your call:

&tplOuter=`@INLINE <ul id="mainnav" [[+classes]]>[[+wrapper]]</ul>`

Hi Vibedesign !
You have almost made my day :slight_smile: It looks 95% correct now. The only thing is that the links in the menu does not work. The docs is to advanced for me. This is the way that I learn. To see how other people do.

see web here:
snippet call :
&tplOuter=@INLINE <ul id="mainnav"[[+classes]]> [[+wrapper]]</ul>

What am I missing ?

Thank you again. I am so grateful.
Regards Rickard

Have you enabled Friendly URLs?
Do you have this included in the <head> section of your templates?

<base href="[[!++site_url]]" />

Also it looks like Kontakt is a container resource?

Hi Vibedesign.

If you look at my webpage you can see that friendly url is working and the base href is also included. If you try to press the menu you will see the link but nothing happens.

When I only had the basic snippet call everything worked but it looked messy in the site.
Hope you can assist :wink:
Regards Rickard

Wow that’s very weird, the links are there but cannot be clicked, they can be right-clicked into a new page however.

Ah ok I see now.

These links are intended to push the page down to each section. They aren’t intended to lead to different pages, but only the different sections of that front page.

At least that’s what the page does on the delicious themes site, is that what you want those links to do?

Usually they look like this

<a class="page-scroll" href="#about">How It Works</a>

and then each section in the html looks something like this

   <section class="bg-primary" id="about">

and the ‘about’ is the key here, that id makes the link send the page to that section of the single page

I don’t know pdo menu all that well, but for this purpose it may not be necessary. However if you want those links to go to separate pages, then we can help you do that.

By the way pls put all code you want to show us inside 4 single ticks, like this

this is a single tick and you need 4 above and 4 below the code ' <-- a tick

It is very strange indeed. If I use this standard snippet the links works great but again it looks messy. Looking forward for an expert that can assist me :wink:

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This is not necessarily pdoMenu or even MODX related - there is a ton of javascript on that page, and some of it is intercepting the clicks on the navigation.

You’ll probably need to output a certain type of markup for it to work with the ton of javascripts included (see pattifish function in assets/js/custom.js), or alternatively customise what js is used.

(This kind of stuff is why I dislike themes. Too much cruft.)

Perhaps who you bought the theme from can provide you with instructions on what the menu output should be (as @nuan88 mentioned, the demo uses only page anchor links, but perhaps it supports proper links too). When you know what the output should be, it will be easier to help you incorporate it into MODX.

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Yes js is doing a lot of the work, I agree but everyone comes in with their limitations.

@rickardbe this issue right now is, do you want those links to be section links to the page (which would mean for example your contact form would be one of the sections of that main page), or do you want them to be their own pages?

You can do it either way, for instance you could let the top navigation that we are talking about now be just navigation to the sections of the page, while the contact and project links could be down in the section you call VAD VI KAN HJÄLPA DIG MED

So, pls make that decision. With this design, usually the top links are page navigation, because the whole idea is to provide quite a bit of info on that page, including intro, about, what we do and so on. People will navigate down and can click on your pics or links to your projects.

If you just want those links to click, then could you possibly find the template html for that section or even the whole page, that would help us figure out how to fix it.

It could be the js that Marc mentions, or it could be done in classes in the html/css. So we would need to see more code to troubleshoot.

PS BTW if you decide to go back to the original design of the page navigation being up top and always available as people go through the page sections, then you could just go back to the original design code, as far as that navigation. Modx isn’t needed for that function, and pdomenu wouldn’t be needed. Instead you may decide to put the pdomenu in elsewhere on the page. That top section will work by itself, you can change the names but the code should work because the ids of the sections will match

Because of the way the javascript is working it is regarding all links in the top navigation as anchor links ( scroll to on the same page ) unless you give your links a class of external

Try something like this to see if it works, if it does we can clean it up a bit:

&parents= `0`
&level= `1`
&outerClass= `sf-menu`
&tplOuter= `@INLINE <ul id="mainnav"[[+classes]]> [[+wrapper]]</ul>`
&tpl =`@INLINE <li[[+classes]]><a class="external" href="[[+link]]" [[+attributes]]>[[+menutitle]]</a>[[+wrapper]]</li>`
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Dear Paulp!

I tried your snippet call now and it works perfectly. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Also thank you nuan88

My reflecations are that the template that I bought is to complex with to many js but know it finally works. So I am happy. Wish you all a great weekend.
Best regards Rickard


@nuan88: Just a note: anchor links (#) use the name, not the id. :wink:

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Ah, noted BobRay, thanks!