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Parsing error du to mysql_connect depreciate

I have an old bersion of MODx (I do not rember the version, unfortunately) The hosting server upgrade the PHP version and unfortunately, the web page show a parse error because mysql_connect is depreciate

How can I quickly solve that problem without loosing data?
May be upgrading the MODx but from an old version to the last, there are many step of version.
What would be the best solution?

Thank a lot

That looks indeed like a very old version… if the manager is still working properly you can try installing the Upgrade Extra which will perform the necessary updates for you. If this doesn’t work you want to manually upgrade version by version (to be safe).

In general no data should be lost during this process, although your version seems to be way before my time, so might want to ask a few of the Senseis in here… Also note that there has been security issues with older versions (especially 2.6.4), so regular updates are highly recommended.

But this all depends if you Manager is working… ?

No unfortunately, manager does not works as well…
Ma ybe should I install a new MODX and trying to get the template and ressources content from the database?

That is an old Evo version, that won’t be supported here anymore. Please get support on If you have a budget for an Revolution upgrad, you could ask here for someone who could upgrade the installation.