Old product pages causing issues

I had a bunch of old product pages that I wanted to remove. I thought I succeeded, however, the pages still load with this.


I would simply like to remove these pages and have them unindexed. Any suggestions?

  • What are these product pages? Normal MODx resources?
  • Do you use a particular extra for the product pages?
  • What did you do when you tried to remove them?

Without some more specific information, it’s hard to give any advice or help.

when I clicked edit for the product pages I wanted to delete I got this

I went to my product list and deleted a few of the products and in my site map there was a static resource that contained links to all the pages, which I deleted.

The weird thing is that I have a few new product pages that use the same resource shown in the picture above. luckily those all stayed however I want to make sure my old pages are gone, never to be found again.

also it is a shame that when I get the cloud not serving error I am unable to edit

Most fields in the printscreen you posted call the snippet “ts-quote-detail”.
I never heard of such a snippet. Is this custom code or from an extra?

Where and how do you actually manage your product data? Where is this ‘product list’?

yes here is the opening code of that snippit.

I believe it is from MIGX Management. here is the product page.

again it is interesting that it contains both my old and new products yet only the new ones show up

would the best thing to do be just to set up 301 redirects from all those pages?

Ok, this looks like some custom code somebody wrote specifically for your site.

The product data is in a database table called “modx_quote_catalog” and you can manage the products with a custom manager page created with MIGXdb.

Do you have only one page/resource for all your products?

What do the URLs for your product pages look like? Is there just a different value for the GET-parameter “sku” (e.g. https://www.yourdomain.com/product-detail?sku=product1, https://www.yourdomain.com/product-detail?sku=product2) or do you additionally use a routing plugin like CustomRequest?

when I go to the products pages the url is similar to below


I am trying to find that quote catalog database

This seems to indicate that there is a plugin that redirects requests from .../product/1098 to .../product-detail?sku=1098.

When you click the cog-wheel icon in the top menu and select “System Settings”, then change to the tab “System Events” and there search for the event “OnPageNotFound”, you should see a list of plugins (in the third column), that run on this event. Check the code of those plugins.

If it is a custom plugin that does the redirect, then maybe you can change the code, so that requests to a deleted product are for example redirected to your error page.

Or alternatively you could add RewriteRules to your .htaccess file for all your deleted product pages.

I did what you said about the OnPageNotFound and it didnt seem to help.

little update though. I completely removed the items from the items from the product list (when you delete they go to a trash bin) and now the page loads a product page with no information. quite confusing.

I think I found the code you were talking about

No, this code does something else.

The code I’m looking for is probably in a plugin and not in a snippet.

What do you mean by that? Is there no plugin that runs on this event?
Maybe it uses a different event. In your list of active plugins, is there one that does some routing?

here is what I found for OnPageNotFound.

it seems that products without a commerce price will not show up.

Also I was informed I had a subdomain that points to the wrong IP. perhaps that could also be causing an issue?

this might be the code you are talking about. I have this catalog plug in and I have a commerce plug in.

to me it seems the commerce is working but not the catalog.

This doesn’t seem to be the code I’m looking for. This plugin runs on the event “OnWebPagePrerender”.
A plugin that does some internal routing probably runs on the event “OnHandleRequest” or “OnMODXInit”. Maybe you can check if there is a custom plugin that runs on one of these 2 events.

Or check your .htaccess file to see if a rewrite happens there.

All in all you seem to have a rather complex custom built site. Maybe you can contact the person who built it or ask someone with PHP programming skills to look at the code.

With just this partial infomation, it’s very hard to guess what really happens on your site.

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Yes it seems to be a more complex problem, I am setting up a meeting for tomorrow but was trying to see what else I could learn. I still appreciate your help and you have taught me a few things along the way.