Offer premium content extra

I need to create a platform with free and premium content. For the register and login part the extra Login is fine, works really good with user groups. For the premium part I’m looking for the following features:

  1. Payment trough payment provider Mollie or Multisafepay
  2. Recurring payments
  3. Move users automatically from user group to usergroup based on their membership

Currently I’m looking to code it myself through the API of the payment provider. But maybe there is an extra I could use as a starting point.

Thanks in advance.



have a look to commercial addon.
my be a good tool to do this.


Commerce is amazing, used it for several projects. But it’s missing the handling for user profiles. It’s great to build a shop for physical and digital products, but don’t think it’s a solution for a member based platform.

There’s the UserGroupShipment official extension, and Digital Products third party extension, both of which can automatically enable a user to be added into a user group to satisfy your third requirement. It also has both Mollie and multisafepay support.

It doesn’t currently have subscription features yet, tho. It’s probably easier to build that part custom, outside of Commerce, than building that on top of any existing system.

At least until I finish Commerce 1.2 and 1.3. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looking forward to the subscription functionality!

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Me too, Ilja. Me too. :wink: