Notify extra - allowed groups not working


Using Modx 2.7.2 I have Notify 1.4.2 working for the Administrator user group but can’t get it to work with other user groups.
I have created a new property set called NotifyProperties and in there I have…

allowedGroups - Administrator,Editor-UG

But when I log in to the Manager as an Editor-UG user the ‘Launch Notify’ button is black text rather than red and it doesn’t do anything when clicked.
I have also tried the following on the Notify resource:


What am I missing?

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You have the latest version of Notify, right?

First, make sure you flush permissions and log everyone off before testing. I would also clear the cache for good measure.

I’m not sure it’s the problem, but it should be:

&allowedGroups= `Administrator,Editor-UG`

though maybe the forum ate your back-ticks because of how you formatted it.

If that’s not it, you might try it without the hyphen in the group name (though that shouldn’t make a difference).

If none of that works, let me know and I’ll try to find time to check it out.

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Finally traced the issue to the fact that the Notify resources were in the administrator Resource Group. Taking it out of this Resource Group makes it work as expected.
Thanks so much for your work and input.

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Yes, that protects them from any users that are not members of that group. I should have mentioned that Notify’s groups &allowedGroups property allows them to use Notify, but won’t give them access to a resource that’s hidden from them.

I think another approach would have been to also add those resources to another Resource Group (resources can be in more than one group), and connect your non-administrator group to that Resource Group with a Resource Group Access policy.