NewsPublisher imageTpl

Faced such a problem I add a TV Image to add.
The snippet call is

[[! NewsPublisher?
& show = pagetitle, introtext, parent, content, antifriz, city, himiya, smazka, logo
& parentid = 20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27
& templateid = 7
& published = 0
& hidemenu = 1
& initrte = 1
& postid = 1
& initfilebrowser = 1
& rtcontent = 1
& captions = pagetitle: Company name, parent: Company status, content: Description

As a result, I get the error
Sorry … There were some errors in the form: Can’t find Tpl chunk: imageTpl
At the same time, the imageTpl chunk exists
Add parameter
& ImageTpl = imageTpl

The error remains. At the same time, what name of the chunk I would not indicate, the error remains the same, namely that there is no imageTpl chunk, although I specify a completely different chunk in the parameters.

Has anyone come across a similar one?

The parameter might be case sensitive, so use


Use &imagetpl=image
Can’t find Tpl chunk: imageTpl

does not work &imagetpl= image

Please help me!!! does not work parameter &imagetpl

Sorry, I don’t know why that parameter isn’t working for you. One for @bobray!

Thank. Already wrote to the author.

Do you have the npElFinder file browser set up with Newspublisher? If so can you post those snippet calls here?

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Did anyone discover a fix for this?

For those who might be stuck with the same problem. I reached out to @bobray and he mentioned that the chunk name must be exactly imageTpl.