Newcomer struggling with extra

Hi guys, im new to modx and now working to develop a simple extra to connect with a third party system, for that I’ve been studying already got the repo files, but when I try to run http://localhost/doodles/_build/build.schema.php Im only getting

[2020-01-29 16:29:26] (WARN @ D:\DEVELOPMENT\servers\nginx-1.16.1\www\modx\core\xpdo\om\xpdogenerator.class.php : 217)

PHP notice: Undefined index: version

Execution time: 0.0496 s

The doodle classes get created, but the database doesn’t show the new table, what I’m missing?

Also no error log on ngix or MODX console

If you’ve tweaked the schema from what’s provided in the docs, did you adjust the $manager->createContainer() line as well?

$manager->createObjectContainer('Doodle'); // created the database table
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Hi Mark, thanks for your answer, actually I realized that I was still missing some pieces of the puzzle, found this article but youyr comment led me in the right direction

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