New User Permissions


I want to create a new user that has a certain amount of permissions. I want them to be able to login to the backend, create new pages, edit existing pages, publish pages, hide pages from menu, add images if need be.

I want them to be able to do everything but access the Elements and Files so they don’t mess up Templates, Chunks, Snippets, TV’s and so on.

Any resources to this would be great.

This is a good starting point:

I think the permission are element_tree and file_tree.

Maybe just copy the “Administrator” access policy, remove these permissions from it and use the new access policy for the user group.

You’ll probably want to uncheck access_permissions unless you want them to be able to change your password and make themselves sudo users.

Mate just go to Access Control Lists/Access Policies (tab) select the policy you are using for your new user and start modifying anything you need.
I recommend you to modify the policy in one window and login into the manager in an incognito window your new user, then any modification you do in the policy you will be able to see it on real time in the incognito window! :+1:

Thank you all so much for your help. I followed this link (Giving a User Manager Access - Security Tutorials | MODX Documentation) to start and then start removing permissions as I went along. It works exactly how I want it.

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