Nesting chunks throws errors in the logfiles (overload)


Nesting simple template variables and chunks suddenly start to throw errors in the logfiles (that overload hosting space quick)

Observed behavior


This will work…
Because the check is before loading the chunk loadtimes are faster. We learned this like 5 year ago in the forums and it works great…

But it throws this error in logfiles lately. (Modx 2.6.5.)

......./core/model/modx/modparser.class.php : 540) Could not find snippet with name [[*pagetitle:notempty=`$pagetitleChunk`]]

Expected behavior

Not throw errors in the logfiles

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There were some bug fixes for tag parsing around 2.6.x
I believe you’ll need to modify your tag logic. (Or better yet, use a simple snippet)

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Thanks for your quickresponse. I now noticed that the parsing method was changed in 2.6.0.
There is even a topic about my question in the old forums:

In the setting we can set error not to show up because of this parse change:

True that a simple snippet would be better.


What about this?

[[[[*pagetitle:notempty=`$pagetitleChunk`:default=`- do nothing`]]]]

Tested it. Works in 2.6.5.

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