Need help getting Google Analytics to work

I’m trying to get this extra to work:

Analytics 2.0.1-pl yogooo 2014-05-27

I followed the instructions on this page but nothing shows up when I view the source.

I replaced the return $result; with return "hi"; and that worked, so I now I’ve got the snippet installed correctly. But the $result variable is empty. The extra is 6 years old. Does anyone know if it still works?

Thanks in advance.

When you test if it works, are you logged in to the manager? As the documentation says: “Make sure you are logged out from the manager. Remember that by default it doesn’t track traffic from users logged into the manager.” So an empty output for logged in users would be the normal/expected behaviour.

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Mate, why do you need a plugin to run analytics?
is it not easier paste the code in the template?


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Thanks, Yanni. Because the extra exist, I thought it would be easier to use it.

Thanks, Halftrainedharry. That did it. I logged out and voilà, it worked.