Need Directions for Building Huge Catalog

I’d like to try MODX for developing a huge catalog, containing thousands of items, arranged in multilevel categories. Imagine something like digital Louvre museum.
So, I need some help and directions to some resources for such a Templates, Themes, Plugins or whatever that will help me to put the site on the fast track.
Some Catalog Mode for MODX?

Ideally would need more information on the project to be able to suggest the best method for you. If each item needs it’s own page visible on the site though then technically each resource could be an item.

If you’re talking thousands of items then I would suggest using the Collections extra to help group resources into Collections, which will save the manager slowing down trying to load thousands of items as you expand a parent resource.

Assuming each item will have properties you may want to either look at setting up individual template variables, a migx tv or extending the modResource (preferable especially for faster searches across all items).

Here some examples how should look like an item page:

I think a big aspect from the Modx view is, do you want each item to have a *page.

Pages are resources, in the tree, which have good seo. If you want all the info in one place, so that people can find it, then a page is best. I am sure others will chime in, and I could lose this battle haha.

Because the alternative is that all the info is in chunks and modeler pieces. Its great to have some of those, but I think you lose some SEO in this way.

Of course you can also have a lot of modular data, whether assigned to that item or that category, or site-wide.

Its really all about how you want to structure the data, where its coming from and how it should be processed.

For instance, I use getCollections to get a list of videos, along with text and other data, in a grid. But there is no underlying page beneath the videos.

Imagine a grid of squares, your items. When people click, do they need details? Then a page or an overlay.