My link to a file will not download the file

Hi, my link to a file will not download the file. Its just a hyper link to the file:

<p style="font-size: 16px; color: #658b5d;"><span><br />2018 Water Quality Report is now available:<br /><a href="pdf/2018_Annual_Drinking_Water_Report.pdf">Click here to download The 2018 Annual Drinking Water Report (PDF).</a><br /><br /></span></p>

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If it ends in .pdf, and it’s really is a .PDF file, and the link is proper, the user should get to either view it and/or download it, depending on their browser settings.

Can you paste the html of your link here?

I got it working and feel stupid. I didn’t have the “s” after pdf in the url. Wow!!

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Every error is a learning opportunity lol. Glad you got it going!