Multiple where conditions for MIGX getImageList output


I am wondering if it is possible to have multiple conditions for the &where property. I see this example in the docs {"active:=":"1","rating:>":"5"}. Does the comma in this example represent AND or OR?

I have a page set up to display upcoming events, and another page to display past events. Some events are single day, and some are multiple day, with a TV for each. Single day TV being date, and multiple day TV being date + enddate, the latter being optional. If I have the getImageList &where set to &where={"date:>=":"[[!GetTodaysDate]]"} then the upcoming events page shows everything correctly, however during a multiple day event, once the first day has passed (date TV) the event moves to the past events page: &where={“date:<=”:"[[!GetTodaysDate]]"}``.

I would like to have the upcoming shows page to display all items who’s date OR end date are in the future to ensure that multiple day events will stay on the upcoming events page until the end date has passed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


p.s. Sorry for the sloppy code formatting in the post, not sure how to format code that has `s in it

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