Multiple errors generated when updating resource or visiting dashboard

Whenever I open a resource for editing, those two errors are generated in the error log:

/core/cache/mgr/smarty/default/d570a78a64d9cf303e9556dc95b9ed5005d1da68_0.file.update.tpl.php : 25)
 PHP warning: Undefined array key "tvOutput"
/core/cache/mgr/smarty/default/d570a78a64d9cf303e9556dc95b9ed5005d1da68_0.file.update.tpl.php : 25) 
PHP warning: Attempt to read property "value" on null

I can’t see anything which is causing this. It doesn’t seem to be relevant which template is used (e.g. empty template doesn’t make a difference).

Also whenever I visit the main dashboard, those two errors are generated:

/core/cache/mgr/smarty/default/8be4c11aa97c1bfa5fd854bcf63c51ad7680c2e2_0.file.header.tpl.php : 75) 
PHP warning: Undefined array key "a"
/core/cache/mgr/smarty/default/8be4c11aa97c1bfa5fd854bcf63c51ad7680c2e2_0.file.header.tpl.php : 80)
PHP warning: Undefined array key "a"

Are those PHP 8 issues or what could be causing this?

MODX 2.8.4.-pl
PHP 8.0.26

I think this is a known issue - and I think it was fixed in 3.x

It could be a plugin – possibly one left over from an extra that was removed. You can try selectively disabling plugins by right-clicking on them in the elements tree. Clear the cache after disabling each one before testing.

Unfortunately the errors are still there (and even get more) when all plugins are disabled.

Sorry, should have done better research before. Looks like I’ll have to wait for 2.8.5 then.

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You might try switching back to PHP 7.

Do you mean temporarily or as a permanent solution?

I’m pretty sure it’s PHP 8 issues, as I never had these kind of errors in the same environment but with PHP 7. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to keep using an EOL version?

Or will these errors cause any more issues than filling my error log?

I have a few sites left on 2.8.4 and I think they all run on PHP 8.

They all show these errors but I’m not aware of any impact on functionality.

@vibedesign It’s your call, entirely. I haven’t gone to PHP 8 yet just because I don’t have time to deal with issues like the one you have. It takes time to make sure the error messages don’t indicate a serious problem somewhere, and try to track down a solution. YMMV.

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