Multiple contexts, users not allowed upload (permission denied)

Good day,

I have multiple contexts set up. As admin I can upload photos and everything works fine, but whenever I am logged in as a user I’m seeing two problems

  1. The user can see everyone elses contexts in the file uploader (I would like to avoid this)

  2. When I try to upload something as a user, it says permission denied.

I’ve gone throught he ACL and I’m just confused as to why it isn’t behaving properly. Each context has its own media source.

Any hints, tips, or ideas where I may be going wrong? Thank you in advance

So, I wanted to update this several days ago but I had things to fix, my info may not be 100%

Basically the issue I was having was that the users were not allowed to upload their own content. I did fix this, but I am unhappy with the fix.

I messed around in the ACL and allowed them to have access to the context Filesystem, and then magically they could start to upload their own photos. So, that works but the issue is now that they can see each others contexts when uploading files, and can upload to other peoples contexts.