Multi Page Fred Site, How To Manage Long Resources List?

Multi Page Fred Site, How To Manage Long Resources List?

I’ve created a template for Fred and can successfully copy and recreate new pages and this front end editor is amazing.

I do have a question regarding managing the resources if creating a 1000+ page site off a single Fred template.

As the site grows the list of resources gets longer so I was wondering what strategies people adopt to manage all these resources?

Would it be best to plan and create a structure of directories first and then allocate the parent directory for the page being created?

Or is there any other recommended methods that can be used with Fred page creation?

The next version 1.1 is going to have custom side-bar plugins and I believe an integration with the Collections extra is being built as an example. So, that might be an option if it works they way I understand.
There are others who I’m sure can answer with more knowledge! :slight_smile:

Hi digitalpenguin,

The custom side bar plug-ins sounds great and Collections is an extra I have used on one site so if an integration is possible that would be an extremely useful addition :smiley:

Do you have any idea when version 1.1 will be released?
Is it a matter of days, weeks or months?

Hi jamesjazz,

Fred 1.1.0 Beta 3 is about to be released on GitHub (maybe this week). The final version will take a bit more.
There is no ETA as per the extra authors.
Beta 3 has a ton of fixes and new additions.

If you need to find the documentation updated for 1.1.0,you can check it here as well:


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