Moving a Modx 3 site Error 500

I’ve moved a Modx 3.0.1 site from one server to another and I’m getting a 500 error both front end and trying to access manager. I’ve run install twice and second time reconnected to the database. Errors in the server log are… [Tue Sep 20 14:56:27 2022] [error] [client] End of script output before headers: index.php [Tue Sep 20 14:56:27 2022] [error] [client] free(): double free detected in tcache 2

PHP 8.0.1
Any ideas would be much appreciated

Have you tried clearing the contents of the core/cache folder?

You may also have to check the paths in core/config/ and in the config.core.php files in root, in /manager/ and in /connectors/.

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This turned out to be permissions. I’ve got absolutely no idea why the index.php files had all changed to 664 instead of 644. I’m not sure how that can happen - maybe during setup?

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I’m not sure either @chrisandy - not something that’s happened to me before.

Glad you’re up and running though!

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