Move template variable to sit under content in back end

Greetings ladies and gentlemen! I am the first to post here in this glorious new chat so excuse me while I celebrate by saying, “FIRST”. Now that I’ve flexed on all you all and established dominance, I could use your assistance.

In the back end of modx I would like to have my template variable (pictured) moved from the template variables tab to the documents tab and I’m pretty rusty with ModX at this point so, apologies for the silly question.

This is done in Settings > Manager customization. you need to make a new profile for all the changes you plan to make. then edit this new profile and create a ‘set’ to hold your change. Under action you can choose Update & Create’ now fill in the rest and save. Then edit this new set and choose with field you want to place in which region


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Like rdaneeel said, create a new profile under manager customization, then create a new set which depends on the template the resource is using.

After that, click the regions tab at the top to see the region names.
Typically I think the regions you might be interested in adding the template variable to would be modx-resource-main-left or modx-resource-main-right.
These are the two columns of fields at the top of the resource edit screen.

Once you know the region name you want, go to the Template Variables tab at the top and you can type in the region name in the Region column.

Save, and you’re done!

I don’t think I’ve ever been flexed on quite that hard

Thank you both of ya’ll, I still haven’t quite got it but I’ll have to refer to this later when I have more time. I’m going to focus on more front end things in the mean time