Move resources from Evo to Revo

I’d like to move Resources from ModX Evo 1.4.6 on one server to ModX Revo 2.7.1 on another server.

There are no TVs, just the documents and their content. Everything else will be new.

Where should I start?

If the MODX Revolution site does not contain any resources, you could simple export the modx_site_content table in the Evo database without DROP TABLE and import this export in the MODX Revolution database. If you have some content in MODX Revolution, you have to delete the ID column in the export before importing (this could be done i.e. in a temporay database).

All snippet calls in the content of the Evo Site won’t work after the import in MODX Revolution and have to be modified.

Okay, I will try, thanks!