MODX3 and extras

Is there a list of extras that work with MODX3? Or is there a list of those that do not work in MODX3?

I am working on developing a site that will launch at the end of March (after proposed final release). I do not want to have too many layers of troubleshooting. So I would like to stick with extras that work in MODX3.

Here is a list of Extras I install by default on sites:

  • Ace
  • Batcher
  • BreadCrumb
  • Collections
  • debugPaser
  • getPage
  • getResources
  • getUrlParam
  • If
  • ImportX
  • ModDevTools
  • pdoTools
  • phpThumbOf
  • SimpleSearch
  • SEO Tab
  • SuperBoxSelect
  • TinyMCE Rich Text Editor
  • UltimateParent
  • VersionX
  • Wayfinder
  • XRouting


We keep a list of known compatibility at SiteDash:

If you connect a 2.x site to SiteDash you’ll also get a special “Upgrade to MODX3” section that checks installed extras and some other known compatibility issues to look out for, but that list of extras compatibility is and will stay public.

@markh Thank you, I appreciate all you do for the MODX community!

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