MODX3 - after update, all resources in web vanished, suspected issues with Articles


I have ran an update from MODX 2.8.3 to 3.0.0 on a copy of a client’s website and all the resources in “web” have disappeared.
The resources are all still there in the database when I check with phpMyAdmin
On the front end the pages now show a 500 error.
When I try to add add a resource to web it saves, I can see it in the database, but in MODX it doesn’t show a tree expansion under resources web.

All other items are showing OK under Elements (templates chunk etc) and Files.

Have been going round in circles trying to find what could be wrong.
Using BoyRay’s brilliant SiteCheck (best purchase ever made!) I now suspect that Articles may be the problem.
SiteCheck shows the following error.
Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘[my-path]/core/model/modx/modprocessor.class.php’ (include_path=’.:/opt/plesk/php/7.4/share/pear’) in [my-path]/core/components/articles/model/articles/article.class.php on line 22

When I look in the files system of MODX3 /core/model/modx/modprocessor.class.php no longer exists and instead that folder has a single file /core/model/modx/modx.class.php
So that implies to me that Articles has not been made compatible with MODX 3?

When I look I see this was last updated 1.7.13-pl July 23, 2019

Surely Articles is a core addon that needs to be made compatible with MODX3.

Can anyone please advise with this?

This website uses Articles for a public blog, events listings, jobs listing, and a couple of private blogs, so is a key component of the website.

hoping someone can offer some advice.

many thanks


It seems they are working on it, but it’s not yet ready.

Ah, many thanks, that all looks very promising, hoping they manage to get Articles sorted for MODX3.0
I naively threw myself into trying out MODX3.0 on copies of client sites the past couple of days with mixed results.
I now conclude that it’s probably much too early to be considering MODX3.0 just now, there needs to be time for the coders behind the main addons to be given time and space to make those work.

I ran an update on another MODX site yesterday and it went pretty well, it just needed an alpha of MIGX applied to get it to work, so I thought all would be fine, but I note now that that site didn’t use Articles.
The one I’ve been working on today uses Articles for about 2/3 of the resources in blogs, event and job listings, so it’s key to that.

MODX3.0 does look pretty slick though, very impressed.

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We’ve been telling people to start testing for months, and many people have released updates, but we’re not gonna wait indefinitely. Lots of extras have been updated, and you can check for a list of known (in)compatibilities.

Articles and MIGX are the biggest ones that are not yet compatible. Articles sounds like its a few days away at most, MIGX I’m not sure but I believe that work has at least been funded by a generous agency.