MODX work in Russia

Hello. Do the modx team answer the questions here?
The question is related to the fact that modx, due to sanctions or something else caused by the political situation, can block the operation of websites in Russia?

Neither MODX LLC nor the open source project (currently) have the technical ability to remotely disable all or specific MODX websites that people self-host for any reason. At best they could track information through downloads and the extras repository to, for example, create a list of Russian MODX websites.

MODX LLC as a company in the US does control a variety of services (like the website, this forum, and the main extras repository) that it could in theory block users from accessing in certain countries. I doubt the payment processor MODX uses for MODX Cloud would be able to take your payment for example, so there are already limitations. OpenCollective is unable of paying out to Russia as well.

As a thought experiment, MODX could in theory be strong-armed by the US government to introduce more thorough blocking in the open source project itself, or even go much, much further than that. That article is much worth a read, and it’s worth noting it was published before the start of the war. So it’s not even focused on sanctions, just in general the situation where a government decides to weaponise open source.

And while I mention MODX LLC and the US Gov’t in this context as they are the primary entity and owner, this extends to any company/project in any country. modmore/sitedash/ are subject to Dutch law, modstore/modhost/ are subject to Russian law, etc. Nobody is immune from worst case scenarios.

As it stands, sanctions against Russia are targeting the oligarchy and international trade with limited impact on the average Russian MODX developer for now.


We do not actively block traffic or access to any of our public websites from Russia or any other jurisdiction. That said, we are prohibited from knowingly conducting business with entities or people in Russia as well as a number of other sanctioned countries. This would generally only apply to MODX Cloud or any other paid service where financial transactions occur.

There are definitely reasons one or more services or systems could be unreachable from Russia including the limits placed on public internet access inside Russia, connecting to our services using a IP that might be related to malicious attacks, or issues with web hosts inside Russia not being able to connect to our services.

Please let us know if you have further questions. Do not hesitate to mention me in the forums so I can respond.

Hello. That’s what worries me. In some industries in the territory of the Russian Federation, it is prohibited to use Modx. However, such cms WordPress, Drupal, etc. are allowed. Why?

I have no idea why MODX would be forbidden in Russia and WordPress or Drupal are allowed. MODX is open-source software and currently uses the GPL license. MODX has been widely used in Russia for years due to its strong adoption by developers and agencies along with the complete translation and ongoing support of the platform in Russian-speaking countries.

If you have information regarding your claims of bans or forbidden use, I’d like to see references or links.

Постановления Правительства № 1236 от 16.11.2015
you need to study the registry. we received documents after verification from law enforcement agencies, where it is indicated that modx is not suitable. For example, Modx cannot be used for education. This is outraging, some WordPress can

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@mcv11111 that specific document doesn’t seem to be reachable. It’s possible it’s georestricted. I can get to the main site. But not to the subdomain.

Hi. You are probably wrong. I’m from Russia. Modx is not banned in Russia. In Russia, you cannot place projects on servers that are not located in Russia. Modx, like other open source products, you can use in your work.

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Я столкнулся с тем, что для муниципальных учреждений приходит предписание после проверки от прокуратуры- указано сменить cms. ее нет в списке разрешенных.

Hello. I was creating a theme Change CMS when analyzing a site through services - #9 by bobray how to hide cms during analysis - can you recommend something??

This should really be a new topic, please.

I came across the fact that an order comes for municipal institutions after checking from the prosecutor’s office - it is indicated to change cms. it is not on the list of allowed.”

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Was it a recommendation or a ban?

Hello. It was a prescription. We reacted to it, referring to the open source, as well as to the fact that other other cms that are allowed by WordPress are also open source, why they can be used, but modx is not. we have not received a response, the checks are being carried out, the modx is also marked - change. Here for the future , I would like to somehow hide what works on Modx


Здравствуйте. Это было предписание. Мы на него отреагировали , ссылаясь на открытый код, а также на то что другие другие cms , которые разрешены WordPress тоже на открытом коде, почему их можно использовать,а modx нет. мы не получили ответа, проверки проходят, так же modx отмечают - сменить. Вот для будущего , хотелось бы , как -то скрыть , что работает на Modx

Hello. I had such a topic, there was no reference to you in it. you are modx/ You can

OMG. Big idiots. They can also successfully ban PHP, Mysql.

It’s the right decision. I don’t think they can substantiate their claims.

Hm. This makes no sense.
Any analyzer and specialist will be able to determine CMS.
Big problems for updates and support.
Please report the result.

Well, so far we managed to fight back. So they say that there is no modx in their list, which means it is impossible.!

I think they are checking very superficially, I assumed that there is a loophole.

They work according to instructions, and there are very, very few specialists. I would ignore it and move on. I also received some instructions today. But they only care about security issues.