MODX Revolution 2.6.5-pl - system/file/edit returning 500 error


I am trying to make changes to the sites in my site via:
This was going smoothly until everything stopped working and after a refresh we received the below errors in the console:

Step to reproduce

This is unclear to me, however at the time we were making minimal changes to some connectors

Observed behavior

Unable to access Revolution

Expected behavior

I should be able to view and edit things within MODX Revolution


Bodx Revution 2.6.5-pl

Such as? This seems relevant. A typo in a core file could easily cause an error.

First stop for you should be the PHP error log, that ought to have a message explaining the internal server error. If not, see if you can either enable error logging or display errors on the server.

Thanks very much @markh
Forgive me, but without server access how would it be possible to view these things? By your statement I imagine that MODX isn’t just a CMS?

To give you background information, I am a developer but have been asked to help out with somebody’s website which uses MODX and I was looking to add an tag into their header. So it sounds as though I will need to ask them for access to their FTP?

The site loads without any problems, it is only the Revolution that appears to be having problems.

It depends on the server but yes, you probably need some kind of server access to get to the server logs. Either FTP/SSH (if the log is written to a file somewhere you can access in a central location, or the path the error happened), or access to a server control panel like cPanel/DirectAdmin.

MODX is “just” a CMS, but from what you’ve shared my understanding is that you edited a core MODX file (a connector), and now you’ve broken the MODX manager. You can’t use a broken MODX manager to fix the MODX manager, so you need to get on the server to fix that.

If you’re a little out of your depth with MODX and need someone to go in and fix it for you, I do offer premium MODX support. The first thing I’d request before being able to help, though, is access to the server. :wink:

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