Modx Revo 2.71 Required Fields: Image (TV)

Hi everyone

So if you have a Template Variable and are trying to make that field required in the manager you can simply set the input option: “allow blank” to “no” and now the manager expects a value and shoots of an error if empty.

But i just can’t seem to do this with images.
What do you need to do, so that an image field in the manager is required?

In the end i want to use it in combination with migx.

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Can you share a screenshot of your TV settings?

Hehoo, you’re probably right! Some pictures will clarify the situation :slight_smile:
So first of, here are my migx-form-tabs.

Its about the marked field with the caption “Foto”.
But to help you better understand the situation let me first explain it on an other field.
The one right below, the field with the caption “Name”.
As you can see the Name-Field is based on the Template Variable “VeranstaltungsTitel”.
It has the input type “Text” and doesnt allow blank entries.
Now when i use a custom Template Variable for my Foto-Field there is no Allow Blank option.

Would you have a sugestion?
My goal is to force the backend user to set a picture whenever they add a new migx entry.

Maybe the text is a bit confusing.
Truly sorry about that but i can only use one pictures per post since im still new.
Please let me know if anything is unclear.

Thanks for your help

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I would not use Json to create the TV’s in this case. Just create a TV an reference it.