ModX Login: User data is missing

I installed the online store on the modx, did the authorization and registration. After I go to the main page (where the user’s email address should be displayed in the header), it is displayed, but when I click on the link to the main page or from another link to the main page the email is lost.

[[!Profile]]] I’ve entered even in 2 places (in the chunk with the header and before it was called up in the resource itself)

How do I make sure it doesn’t disappear?

The problem was that the login is not transferred from the www. page to the normal one - I edited htaccess and everything worked out =)

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Which online store extra are you using?

Some code could help as well, would like to see the divs around the profile output

I’m sorry, I was sick and I couldn’t answer.
I use Login(MODX Revo)

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Which online store did you install?