MODX Digest Links Storage

Hello friends,

Probably you already read MODX digests. If not, here the links to them:

MODX Digest #1 (February 25 – March 11, 2019)

MODX Digest #2 (March 11 – March 25, 2019)

MODX Digest #3 (March 25 – April 8, 2019)

MODX Digest #4 (April 8 – 22, 2019)

And I am preparing the fifth episode right now to publish it today or at least tomorrow.

And there most of the links from Russian-language community because I live in the Russian-language country and I follow projects and speaks with people on Russian, so for me it easier to grab such links.

Hover I would like to add more links from the English-speaking community to the digest. It will allow people from both communities to be informed by the state of the project. And also spread MODX wider.

My google form for collecting not so popular as I expected (I won’t even post the link here) so please, just send MODX related link to this forum topic and I will include it to the next episode.

Working together we will improve positions of MODX in the so the competitive and evil world of CMSs.

Thank you in advance.


@alroniks you’re welcome to add the video tutorial I started on the weekend if you like, at least for the English users. Though I’m guessing most people that read the digest probably know more than I do already :wink:

Topics will continue to become advance as the videos progress but this could serve as a good starting point for new comers or agencies that have just hired developers who are unfamiliar with MODX.


Converted the post to a wiki post.