MODx Broken? (Previous support topic)


Is this the new community?

Well, i’m dutch and sorry for my bad english.
I can use some help.

My previous topic:
I’ve tried to upgrade, but when i become to the point of upgrading on “” i can’t mark the checkbox “upgrade” :open_mouth:
What did i do wrong?

Now i’m putting back the backup that i’ve been made


Welcome to the new forums.

Are you upgrading manually? If you are I would suggest installing Bob Ray’s Upgrade MODX snippet. This should make the process easier.

Make sure that your core/config/ file is writable during the upgrade process. Then set it back to 400 permissions after the upgrade.

It sounds like you have a backup already, but do always make sure you have a working backup of your database and files before upgrading.

I did it manualy indeed, cause my old modx did not work at all at the moment. was the modx page.

How do i install this snippet?

If MODX was working you could install it via Extras / Installer in the Manager.

However as your old installation is not working at all you can’t for this.

The error that appears on your manager page makes me wonder if you have an incompatible version of PHP runningon the server. Have your hosting company recently upgraded PHP?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /home/jqfhwzbo/domains/ on line 283

Do you know what version of MODX you were using and can you find out what version of PHP is running on your server?

The whole site is down at the moment, cause i’m doing the recovery right now (That takes some time haha!)
I think that the PHP version, is visable in the previous topic (Link in first post)

Thanks for helping by the way! :smiley:

It looks like @bobray has identified the versions.

Here is his previous comment.

You’re running MODX Revolution 2.0.3, which is quite old. It’s possible that your host has updated PHP to PHP 7, which would probably cause trouble with that version. You could try switching back to an earlier version in cPanel (make sure it’s at least PHP 5.4).

You could also follow the upgrade instructions here to upgrade:

Do the upgrades in steps: 2.3.0, 2.4.0, 2.5.0, 2.6.0, 2.7.0.

Were you able to get the version of php downgraded?

php is not downgraded.

The recovery is now done, so the site works like it did yesterday :wink:
With the broken MODX.

site/manager (modx login?) doesn’t work

you may have to go in server side and make sure your base paths are right in the config files.

Hi @nuan88,

It sounds like your host updated PHP with an admittedly ancient version of MODX 2.0.3. That’s a recipe for not working, exactly as you’re experiencing. So we can provide the best help for you, create a file named info.php in your web root, next to the main index.php file, and put this as the contents:



When you visit that file in your browser, it should tell you which version of PHP you’re currently running. Hopefully you can downgrade to PHP 5.6 or earlier with your host. And then you should be OK upgrading to 2.1.x > 2.3.x > 2.7.x. You should also update all your Extras as well, as soon as you can get back into the Manager.

It wouldn’t hurt to scan your site for signs of being hacked given its age using a tool like the PHP Malware Scanner. It does require SSH access, and if you need a suggested command to pass to it, just let me know. Don’t limit to just scanning PHP files, though … have it scan everything!

Once the site is upgraded, I’d strongly recommend using the latest 7.1.x or above as the minimum version for production, preferably the latest 7.2.x or 7.3.x.

What version can you roll back to with your Control Panel?

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That message is for @neo-81, just fyi

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