MODX Black on right side for certain Resources

Really strange issue.
I have logged into a site I update regularly.
The resource I want to edit is blank on the right ‘content’ side - the file tree and menus are all fine.
most of the other resources are fine.

They are all using ‘collections’.

I have cleared the cache, and emptied core > cache.

In the error log there is this:
[2019-11-20 16:01:52] (ERROR in modProcessor::run @ /home/site/public_html/core/model/modx/modprocessor.class.php : 177) Flat file processor support, used for action mgr/url/getlist with path /home/site/public_html/core/components/stercseo/processors/mgr/url/getlist.php, is deprecated since version 2.7.0.

But not sure if this is related?

Any ideas?
I can’t work out why some ‘collections’ are loading fine, but two ‘Collections’ are blank!

UPDATE: It’s happening to more Collections than I first thought.
If I Right click the resource and change it form a Collection to a Document, O can see all its children resources, and can edit the parent page (it’s no longer blank) so would point to an issue with Collections?

Check the browser development console for any javascript issues.

Thanks Mark - Sorry - I didn’t see your response until now!
Just checked and it says:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'bind' of undefined
at collections.grid.ContainerCollections.wrapRenderer (collections.grid.resources.js:151)
at collections.grid.ContainerCollections.getColumns (collections.grid.resources.js:163)
at new collections.grid.ContainerCollections (collections.grid.resources.js:32)
at Object.create (ext-all.js:21)
at S.createComponent (ext-all.js:21)
at S.lookupComponent (ext-all.js:21)
at S.add (ext-all.js:21)
at S.<anonymous> (ext-all.js:21)
at Object.each (ext-base.js:21)
at S.add (ext-all.js:21)

Does this point to anything obvious?
It’s strange that it’s only certain ‘collections’ that are affected.

I’ve had an issue like this before where the collections grid was misconfigured in the CMP. Have a look at the columns you’ve defined in the Collections View CMP, there may be an issue with one of the renderers thats causing the JS error.

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Thanks - only problem is that some collections are working, and some aren’t - but they all use the same Collections View.

The only renderers I have are:

Can you send a screenshot of the errors you get on the browser JS console when the collection fails to load.

Thanks - here you go: