Modx 3.0.1 & Tagger

Hi all,
It seems that Tagger extra is not workin on Modx 3? Is this known issue? Any solutions?

What version of Tagger are you using?
There should be a version 2.0.0 that is specifically for MODX 3.

I have the newest 2.0.
For example Tagger tab is missing from the Resources, so you can’t define tags to specific resource.

I can’t confirm that.

Are your settings in the tagger-group correct (“Place*”, “Show for Templates”)?

Yes, setting should be ok. For some reason the Tagger is just not showing on tabs. Trien also other place options, but it didn’t help.

Are there any errors in the “Console” tab of the browser’s developer tools?
Any related errors in the MODX error log?

No errors in the console.
Seems it’s not the only extra causing problems. No need to put too much effort to this. Thank you!

What version of PHP are you running on your server?

Php version 7.4.32.
MODX Cloud server