MODX 2.8.4: After deleting cache in manager, directory istn writeable


I have a weird behavior:

In manager I delete cache. After that the cache directory ‘core/cache’ permissions changed to 755.

Dont know why. Any idea?

Thank you in advance.



MODX 2.8.4. centos apache, php 8.0.7

Shouldn’t 755 give you write access?

Anyhow, there are system settings new_cache_folder_permissions (or maybe new_folder_permissions). Maybe setting these system settings works for you.

thank you. My mistake. The permissions are changed but not t 755, without writing permissions.

dont found any system settings with permission or folder…


These system setting don’t exist by default. But you can add them to override the default permissions from the server.

yes, thats it.

Thank you so much :pray: :pray: