Modx 2.7.3 and PHP version

I have a site that works with modx 2.5.4. I would like to upgrade it to version 2.7.3.

In the requirements for production, It is recommanded to use PHP 7.2 or 7.3 for Modx 2.7.3

The PHP versions provided by its host is 5.6 - 7.0 and 7.1.

Can I use PHP 7.1 with Modx 2.7.3 without problems?

Thank you for your answers.

Yes, PHP 7.1 should be no problem.

I recommend using the Upgrade MODX extra for updating. Take a look at the instructions for which versions are safe to skip and which should be installed step by step.

Also I recommend checking your site for security breaches, as there were some for all versions below 2.6.5. That was quite some time ago, so your site might be hacked at this point. Make sure to check for that and also update more frequently in the future to keep things safe!

Thank you for your reply