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I’m feeling stupid. I’ve been using Modx for 10 years. Our site is on Revolution 2.7.3. I recently installed Modx 2.7.3 on a development server (php 7.2.29). Everything is fine except “Search” under the “Content” menu in the Manager is missing. On my main site it’s right under “New Resource” and above “Preview Site”. Can somebody help me? Is this a system setting or access policy? I’m totally fine with being humiliated publicly for the answer.


Sounds like your main site may have a custom menu item. I don’t have any search option under my “Content” menu and can’t recall ever having one. The only search I have in the menu is the magnifying glass button directly to the left of the “Content” menu.

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I’ve been wondering about that. If I figure out how I installed it, I’ll let you know. It’s super useful for tracking down content on a large site. You’d think I’d remember something like this…

Check your extras. If you didn’t build it then that’s probably where it came from. Out of curiosity, what’s it do that the standard search doesn’t?

Here’s a screenshot: It lets me search content, title, ID and results come back in a table with publish status.

Can you open /manager/?a=54? Sounds like the menu item is lost on the last update.

That looks like a custom manager theme, which may handle some things a little differently.

The search menu item was present in versions up to 2.6 or 2.5 I think. After that, it was replaced by the “uberbar” - the search button to the right of the MODX logo in the header.

You can still get to the search page by creating a custom menu item with action search. I.e., go to /manager/?a=search

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Note that action IDs (54 in your example) are site specific - that you see 54 for the search is not guaranteed to be the same in other sites. It just depends on what order actions were created in, and can be affected by certain extras or the original version. If you replace 54 with search, it’ll work in all sites. Yours too. :wink:

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Genius! Thank you Mark and everyone! I exhausted the extension option and the search page felt too integrated in the Manager. The “uberbar” doesn’t search content, just titles and resource ids, so if you need to replace fafsa.gov with studentaid.gov on 20 financial aid pages spread over 3 campuses, it’s not much help.

Good to know, thank you!

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