Missing Permissions for resource (article - extra)

Setup “editor” level access to a resource specific user group using the existing (otherwise unused) content editor policy (assuming it was a default configuration). Getting “permission denied” when attempting to save a new article resource. The ability to save an existing article works.

I’ve tried looking at the source code for resource/create with no clear indication of what permission I’m missing… is there a better way to have the missing permission be displayed in the error log or as apart of the denied message?


Using Revolution 2.8.2-pl

Are you trying to add new resources at the root-level or as subresources?
Content Editors don’t have the permission new_document_in_root

The single resource they have access to is a subresource and the article being created should also be but I think you’ve pointed out the issue. Forgive me, modx is quite new to me, it appears as though the article template is being generated at the root document level instead of as a child to the current resource. Very odd.

Is there a way Bruno17 to change this behaviour only for a specific subresource vs. all article subresources?

Are you talking about the articles - Extra, when you are saying article?
And are you saying, when you create a new article within the articles - container, they are created as new resources in the root - level, not as subresources in the articles container?

Yes, I believe when I refer to article, it is in fact the articles - extra plugin (had to check… thought it was apart of modx when I originally created this thread.)

You are also correct.

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