Minishop2 show product options ( inch, resolution...) in the product overview?

Hey everyone
Unfortunately, I do not know how I can display the product options that I have entered in the MS2 settings in the product overview.
Does anyone know how I can do this?

I’m not really familiar with Minishop2, but I think there should be a placeholder for all the product options. Use the key of the option as the placeholder name.

Maybe something like this (if you are using Fenom):

{if $myoptionkey is array}
	{$myoptionkey | join : ', '}

Thank you very much, but that doesn’t work for me

Where the comma is, should the key go in?

So with the content it has with {$ id | resource: 'content'} works, how do I address the options? also as a resource? or is that another topic

You should use the key in the placeholder {$myoptionkey}.

Oh cool, now it works, but only the contents of the key are displayed. and not the name

There should be other placeholders available. Try these:


Unfortunately I don’t know where or how to insert this. does $ _pls mean placeholder?

As far as I known when the placeholder name contains a dot (or a dash) you can’t use it like this {$myoptionkey.caption} but have to use {$_pls['myoptionkey.caption']} instead.

Just replace myoptionkey in {$_pls['myoptionkey.caption']} with the actual key of your product option.

Yes nice, works. But “:” is not displayed :(: D

What do you mean? Can’t you just simply add any additional text or markup to your template chunk?

hey, do you know if under properties [[+article]] has a key? or how do I address this?
I want the key to be displayed and the content next to it.