MiniShop2 - adding options

Hi all.
So getting there with the MiniShop2 Extra.
One thing I’m struggling to work out is how to add value to sizes - for example, if there is a product A with sizes 12cm, 14xm and 16cm, I want to be able to change the price based on the size - but I can’t see any options for this.

Also, I want to add additional options (e.g. whether the product is framed or unframed - and again, assign an additional cost based on this value.

As I understand it msOptions only allows for colour and size - but with no value or cost assigned to them.


There is a link to product expansions which might hold the key in the docs here:

But the URL is a broken link.

Anyone know how to change the cost based on the selection by the user?

It seems there is a (paid) extra for this purpose.

But I never used it (nor Minishop2 for that matter) so I don’t know if it still works and does what you need.

The corresponding link in the russian version of the documentation still works (Плагины товаров / Разработка / miniShop2 /, but it seems to me that you need to be very familiar with programming in MODX to make custom changes to the model.

There are also events inside Minishop2 like msOnGetProductPrice or msOnGetProductFields that maybe can be used for this purpose (but I’m not sure about that).

The simplest solution is probably just to create different products for the variations. Like ‘Product A’ has a size of 12cm and ‘Product B’ is the same with a size of 14cm.

Hi Harry - thanks for this - yeah my Russian isn’t great these days! lol. Thanks for the suggestions - I might have to go this route. thanks.