MIGXdb. Does not update the field with the date of publication of the record via CMP

Good day!

I need to make it possible to change the publication date of a record, but I encountered such a problem that when editing a record in MIGXdb using CMP, the field with the date of publication is not updated. In the tab for this field, input TV type is specified as date. In the scheme, this field is described as follows: <field key = "publishedon" dbtype = "int" precision = "20" phptype = "timestamp" null = "false" default = "0" />. Similar to the field of the same name in the site_content table.

There was a suspicion that it did not work because of dbtype = “int” in the scheme, but changing it to datetime and changing default = "0" to default = "" did not help, it just stopped showing the date in the grid in CMP.

I also have an editedon field with similar attributes in the schema, which, unlike publishedon, changes when a record in MIGXdb changes.

Tell me, please, what could be the problem?

publishedon is set automatically by the default update-processor,
but you can overwrite the automatically set value, by adding another field to your formtabs called
and set the value of this field to 1
this could be a checkbox - field or a hidden - field with a default value of 1

see this line in the default - processor:

do not change the code of this processor! This would be overwritten by upgrades.


Fine! It works, thanks!

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