MIGX outputs content one time

Good afternoon!
I have the following problem:
I’m using the latest version of Modx, I have tv MIGX.
Export via getElementList, and for some reason the content appears every other time.
There are no errors, sometimes only this gives out in the logs:
1267 Problem getting service fileHandler, instance of class modFileHandler, from path
666 Could not load class: modFileHandler from modfilehandler

What exactly do you mean by “the content appears every other time” and “MIGX outputs content one time”?
Can you deduce some conditions, when the content is output and when not? (For example, does it only work after the MODX cache is cleared?)
How do you call getImageList? Cached or uncached? Is the call to getImageList nested inside other tags?

The modFileHandler error is probably unrelated.

Tried both cached and non-cached call.
It just appears when the page is refreshed, then it does not appear.
No, not nested.

I had a site on version 2.8.3 pl. On the local server, I updated the site to 3.0.1. Everything worked locally. After transferred to the hosting and the TV call stopped working.

In general, I struggled with the task for almost a day, after which I decided to roll back to 2.8.3 pl and upgrade to version 3.0.1 through the hosting panel. Hurray, miracle! Everything is working. Now me have to do everything on the combat site.
I honestly don’t know what was the reason, I tried database coding, called via fenom migx , but nothing helped.

Conclusion: if you do a project, then immediately on a combat server :smiley: