Merging 2 website (modx & seo advice)

Hi Community,

I’ts been a while since my last post, but I have an interesting question. It’s my job to merge 2 websites. Not a big one but I have to keep in mind the seo values, gmb details etc. I was wondering if someone has done this before and can provide some information.

The situation:
The company has two locations and both have separate websites. Since more locations are coming, they decided it’s best to use one website and include all locations there. Keep in mind that both locations have their own modx installation, seo rankings and google my business profiles.

My strategy
The plan I came up with is as follows:

  1. Make a sitemap of the current website and see which pages are have to merge and which are deleted.
  2. Make a 301 redirect plan for later to use for old url’s
  3. Create new templates for pages that coming from the old urls
  4. Copy the content from the old to the new website
  5. Place a .htaccess file on the old website to redirect all pages and seo value to the new website
  6. Delete old Google My Business listing and add the location in the other account

Looking forward If I missed something.