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i have a set of resources in a resource group. The access to the resources is only possible if the user is logged into frontend. This works fine.

If a not logged in user visits the site it generates entries in the error log like these:

[2021-12-06 21:09:52] (INFO @ /xxxx/revo/core/model/modx/modaccessibleobject.class.php : 40) Principal 0 does not have permission to load object of class modDocument with primary key: 17

The resource #17 is such a resource in the resource group.

Is this right? I assume yes, but want to be sure. Probably it is better to set the log_level on WARN.

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That logged error is INFO, which is there so you have it if you want it. Unless it’s breaking user behaviour you can adjust your log settings to not include INFO in your logs from MODX. If I recall correctly, that should be any number between 0-2 as 3 is INFO and 4 is DEBUG.

IIRC, 0 uses the currently set PHP error level.

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Thanks a lot for the answers. :grinning: