Manually Resetting 2.6 Password

I have an old site that I don’t remember the password for and the forgot password functionality is not working (an email is never recieved.)

I’ve tried following Resetting a User Password Manually - Troubleshooting Security | MODX Documentation but am still told the username/password is incorrect.

Is there anyway I can get into this older install?

Hi there, can you share the output of the SQL command, I guess that’s the path you followed?

command (I updated the username and password)

UPDATE modx_users SET hash_class = 'hashing.modMD5', password = MD5('the-new-password') WHERE username = 'theusername';

response is

 1 row affected. (Query took 0.0008 seconds.)

Looking at the row I do see that it has change but still doesn’t allow a login

Something was amiss… I decided to re-install 2.6.5 and had to re-enter the database. once that was done, the new password worked.

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