Manager Customisation - Template selection hidden but TV's visible

I have a Resource Group (RG) for a particular User Group (UG1) who can view a selection of Templates to choose from when editing/creating resources.
However, I’ve noticed that associated TV’s are now no longer visible on the resources using Templates that are not in the RG for UG1, and I don’t want all Templates to be visible in the dropdown.
Is there a way to still display the TV’s for a Template that is hidden from a particular RG?
Thanks for any pointers

I’d suggest putting the templates in a category and hiding them with an Element Category ACL entry instead of a resource group. That shouldn’t affect TVs at all.

Hi @bobray. Thanks for answering.
I still can’t get this to work.
A simplified version is as follows:
Category Admin - assigned to Admin UG in ACL Element Category Access
Category Editors - assigned to Editors UG in ACL Element Category Access
Template Admin - this Template is in Category Admin (so Editors can’t see this in the Template dropdown on a resource page).
TV(assigned to Template Admin) - is in Category Editors so Editors can view this in the Resource. However, the TV disappears every time the Template Admin is placed in the Category Admin.
I’m pretty sure this is how you’re suggesting a solution but perhaps I’ve missed something?
Thanks again

I’m not sure I understand your setup, but maybe this will help. If you want to hide something, it has to be attached to a user group that the current user is not a member of.

Also, for testing things after making changes, you need to eliminate cache issues by manually clearing the MODX cache files and taking the browser cache out of the picture. I use the ClearCache extra for the first, and the Chrome add-on Cache Killer for the second (though private or incognito mode will also work). I like Cache Killer during development because it eliminates the browser cache altogether with a single click on its icon.

In addition, if you’re logged in to the Manager and use a separate browser tab to test things, it can give you false results.

Hi @bobray I think I’m doing what you’ve outlined.
I’ve attached an image of the Categories I’ve assigned Admin for the Templates and the Category set up for Editors with the allowed TV.
So if I understand correctly Editors will not see the Template in the dropdown on pages that have that option available, but they should be able to see the Product TV tab.

But the Product TV is only visible to Editors when I move the Template out of the Admin Only category.
Apologies if I’m missing something obvious. I wonder if it’s an ACL setting I need?

TVs belong to templates, so if the Template is hidden the TV may be also. I’m not sure how to solve this.

You may have to go with leaving the Template where it is and using Form Customization to hide the TV, though it’s a pain to set up.

Maybe someone else can suggest a better solution.

Thanks again, that’s what I thought. I’ll figure out another method - probably using the Client Configuration extra.