Losing users when moving server with Vapor

For years I’ve been using Vapor to move sites around servers and spin up a clone of our starter MODX site (you all have one, be honest). It works great, but it never moves the users over to the new server.

My usual process is, run Vapor on old site, wait, download transport package (usually 60-100mb). Use Web Installer (Thanks @sottwell ) , get the new blank instance of MODX running, upload the transport package to /core/packages , check for packages locally, finally install package. Wait a few minutes, website is moved, nothing to configure. Everything is there, all extras, etc, but no extra users, just the admin user.

Wondering if anyone knows any tricks or MODX folks know how to keep the users table? The Admin user is created when the new MODX site. I’m thinking it’s more than just the users table though because the resource editing history would be messed up I’d think, or linking to empty tables.

I know Teleport is also a thing, but I’ve never been able to wrap my head around it.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this.

When I look at the code of the Vapor extra (version 1.1.0-beta), there is this part in the file vapor/vapor.php (around line 220) that excludes the users (modUser) and other tables from the export.

$excludeClasses= array (

When i check the current version of the file on github, this part is deleted.

You could try to change the code in the file and set $excludeClasses to an empty array $excludeClasses= array(); and see if that works, or maybe try using the current code from github instead.