Links randomly changing to ip address

Hey all.


Our hyperlinks are randomly changing from domain name to ip address.

After initial install all links had IP address. We set the http_host system setting which successfully then showed all links as the domain name. Seemingly randomly the links show as the hosts ip address. This occurs for everyone at the same time so not client related.

Step to reproduce

Unknown, appears to happen randomly. It can be fine for days then suddenly occur. Running Refresh URI’s fixes the issue.


Intranet site (not exposed exernally)
MODX Revolution 2.7.0-pl (traditional)
Rocky Linux 8.6
nginx 1.14.1
MySQl 10.3.32-MariaDB

Maybe you also have to add a system setting site_url.

What is the value of the system setting link_tag_scheme?

Thanks for the reply!

So, link_tag_scheme is set to -1. We didn’t have site_url specified.

After seeing what the link_tag_scheme setting is for, we’ve specified site_url and refreshed the URIs so will see how it goes


Hey, unfortunately that hasn’t worked. I came in today and the links had reverted to IP address.


Is the site_url tag in your template uncached (with the !) like this?

<base href="[[!++site_url]]" />
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That would be a negative!

The only place I could find that tag being used was in CHUNKS/w3css/w3HTML (which is referenced in the various Templates tags).

I have added the exclamation mark and will see how that goes.

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