LinkedIn does not load the image from ModX


We would like to share our postings via LinkedIn. LinkedIn loads a preview, but without the image.

It is about this link → Nadja Holenstein verstärkt Die Botschafter | Die Botschafter

When I enter this in the LinkedIn Post inspector (Post Inspector) I get the following information:

Add an og:image tag to the page to have control over the content’s image on LinkedIn.

What does this mean and how do I solve the problem?


MODX Revolution 2.8.1-pl

In the <head> section of your page, add a <meta> tag like this with the URL for the desired image.

	<meta property="og:image" content="" />

There also exist other tags like og:title, og:description etc.

You could also use an extra like SeoSuite to help you with this.


Ok thanks. Manually it seems too cumbersome. I will have a look at the extra.

What else I noticed. On Facebook for example it works and the image loads. Shouldn’t it then also be loaded on LinkeIn?

Facebook is crawling the page and falling back to the first image it gets.
The correct and also controllable way is using the OpenGraph meta-tags.

After implementing all necessary or wanted meta-tags, you should check it with:

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Ok thanks guys that helps me out.