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LangRouter and PdoMenu home link error

Yes, you always need to define a per-context site_start. Each context is a separate website. Each website needs a homepage.

The problem is that your base_url is set to / - that should be set to /es/ or /en/.

When you change that, also fix your site_url. Take out the {cultureKey}, as your {base_url} will already contain that.

Well what can I say… I solved my problem moving to Xrouting.
links and everything is working fine now, on both context.
any problem with images is solved on step 7 and the reference to pThumb on the LangRoute document.

context config in case somebody need it:

Context web:

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base_url: /
cultureKey: en
error_page: 3
site_start: 1

Context es:

base_url: /es/
cultureKey: es
error_page: 4
site_start: 2

Thanks everybody for the help, special thanks to @digitalpenguin, cheer mate!