Is there a snippet for Most Popular products?

I want to display the Most Popular products in my home page having MODX. Tried searching snippets online but could not get any. If there is anyone please pass on to me. If not, how can I use database to get the most sold products ? Also, whats the use of publishedon keyword as I do not see this as a field to any of the resource in the database directly.

Where the order details are stored in the database so that I can get how many times a product is sold ?

We would need more info about your setup to know where the right data is.

Are you using Minishop or another ecommerce extra? Most setups will track sales.

If its tracked in your database, with Modx it would be very easy to write a snippet, to go get the data, then display the top results.

Hi @nuan88,

Thanks for your reply. In extras I dont think there is anyone related to client orders management used. I have following set of things in extras.

Collection views,

I checked into the database but could not find anything related to “order” keyword in general search. Plus, I do not see any order management tab from the backend manager side. I think the orders are not being managed from here. But still, if the orders are managed through database, can you show me which table they would be in ? It would be a great help from you as I am completely naive on this.

Thanks again in advance,
Ronak S.

Its ok, it takes time to figure things out. Modx has a lot of power, but also flexibility in how things are set up.

Ok so I wonder whether you are using google for ecommerce, its possible that everything is managed in google (I think).

Also, let’s talk about how your payments are processed, go ahead and click through like a customer would, to see the payment options. Another question is, does the site have a checkout cart for purchases? if so, you seem to be using a third party tool for that.

I think that the MIGX or the collections could have this data, again it might be called a counter, because its just a tiny tool that keeps adding numbers when its fired on the page. MIGX might be the most likely but i am really not too sure.

You might look into your list of tvs or snippets for information.

Please tell us more as you figure stuff out. Its a steep learning curve, to be honest, but its worth it because you can really control your site well with Modx.

We are here to help out, so no question is a bad one. :slight_smile: